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25 July 2012

Best Queensland organic gourmet finds

We had a sensational time at the Biome stall as part of Regional Flavours at South Bank, Brisbane this past weekend.   What a lively and positive gathering of Queensland food and wine producers and their devotees.  Cooking demonstrations with a garden to table theme were very popular, while the creative installations of productive gardens added to the inspiring atmosphere, like these herb wheelbarrow plantings.

It was exciting to see such crowds of people keen to connect with the growers and producers of food.  This year's theme was to showcase the many food traditions present in Queensland – from migrant recipes using local ingredients to native indigenous foods gone gourmet.

For those who couldn't make it, we've listed our pick the best organic and boutique producers below.

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Biome was there to help spread the message about reducing your impact on the planet when you shop - from taking reusable Keep Cup coffee cups and water bottles, to replacing plastic bags with reusable fruit and vegie bags and composting your scaps at home.  Our green shopping pledge has some easy actions to help.  Pledge to do them and we'll reward you in our stores ...  Download the pledge here before 30 September 2012 


Hinterland Feijoas, who grow certified organic feijoas on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland.  Owners Peter Heineger and Sally Hookey use organic biological farming methods and no chemical inputs. Growing feijoas commercially in Australia is a relatively new industry so they had to start from scratch in many areas.  To value add to their crop, they work with local chefs to manufacture a variety jams, ice cream and amazing Feijoa Balsamic Glaze.   

Look out for Kat's Waffle House who attend markets on the Sunshine Coast and special events with their delicious gluten-free waffles made with organic gluten-free flour, organic eggs, no preservatives, etc, etc.  Biome's stall was right near Kat's so we had to smell the beautiful aroma of fresh baked waffles all weekend!  Thankfully, we got to satisfy our cravings a few times also.

Extra special
OzHarvest Brisbane  collecting excess food to feed those in need 

Barambah Organics  dairy
Eden Hope Organic Dairy Farms dairy - Gympie
Hampton Blue  organic berries and jams - Hampton
Kin Kin Tea  herbal teas and Organic Fruit - Kin Kin

Hinterland Feijoas  organic feijoa
Handcrafted, traditional, sustainable production
Chalala Micro-Bakery  muesli, gluten-free biscuits - Mossvale
Towri Sheep Cheeses sheep cheeses - Allenview
Coolana Olives  olives - Lowood  
Kingaroy Cheese artisan cheeses - Brighton
Brisbane Ginger Beer  ginger beer - Brisbane
Fungi Mushroom Growing Kits  Geebung  
Broken Nose Vanilla  Babinda

Gluten free
 Jo Jo’s Gluten Free Brisbane
Gluten Free Grain Free Company
Zehnder Gluten Free  Maleny
Kat’s Wafflehouse   Homemade gluten free waffles - Mooloolaba

Bush foods
Coolamon Foods Bush Food spices, sauces, relishes by Dale Chapman, an accomplished Indigenous
Australian Bush Tucker Chef.
Galeru Native Rainforest Fruit Cakes, Yoghurt, Juices
Rainforest Bounty chutneys and sauces

For more local food inspiration, see our earlier post "hitch up to the local food wagon".

Author & Editor

Tracey Bailey is the founder of Biome Eco Stores and mother of two. After working in corporate communications and starting a family, she made a choice to be part of the solution to our planet's future and started Biome Eco Stores. Tracey is passionate about educating the community about living eco-friendly and sustainable lives through her extended product, chemical, health and environmental knowledge.


Rhys M said...

Have always enjoyed the atmosphere at southbank and story behind the area..
glad to see this sort of thing happening there.

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