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Green-me Directory

Colour your life green with our favourite resources for eco friendly living.   We're all busy, and there is oodles and oodles written about green living on the web.   So we've broken it down for you to just our very favourites.

At the supermarket
The Guide to Ethical Supermaket Shopping grab a print version or download the iPhone app 
shopping bags  never leave home without these handy little Stuffit bags
Envirosax slightly larger reusable shopping bags

On the go
Water bottle - filling up at home is the no 1. reusable choice you can make - saves $ & waste
Our favourite bottle is simply SIGG - love that they do not taint the taste, best tops, great designs.

Lunch boxes
We are great fans of safe, reusable, waste-free lunches!   Lunch boxes free from PVC, lead, BPA and other toxins.  That's why we love Goodbyn, Kids Konserve, LunchBots stainless steel lunch box, sandwich wraps, Thermos & Klean Kanteen insulated food containers.

Skincare & makeup

Vegan & vegetarian

Organic & Real Food


Local food


Brisbane gift
Green wedding Australia directory
Green wedding ideas
Paddington Green Precinct
GreenStreet - score & pledges
Everything organic in Brisbane - Organic Brisbane
Mineral Makeup - by Biome blog
Mineral Makeup - shop online
Water bottle - top brands we trust
Water bottle - by Biome blog
SIGG - full range at Biome
Klean Kanteen - stainless steel bottle
Lunch boxes - safe, reusable, waste-free
Goodbyn - reinvented lunch box
Shopping bags - easy to remember
KeepCup - reusable coffee cup
Water bottles - eco essentials
SIGG bottle - eco essentials
BPA free water bottles
Kids lunch box
Envirosax shopping bags
Everything Free online shop
Easter gift
Biome site map
Todae lifestyle blog
Thermos spare parts

I never go on holiday without...


eco blog eco friendly glass water bottles organic baby natural shampoo water purifier
The Biome online eco store and stores in Brisbane are overflowing with eco friendly products and learning. We bring you the widest range of natural beauty and organic skin care and green cleaning in Australia, plus safe, reusable SIGG, insulated water bottle and stainless steel bottles, glass containers and many more stylish and practical eco friendly products. We specialise in beautiful Australian hand-made gifts and homewares. Expressing your values through your purchasing power will make a difference.

remembered my reusable fruit & vegie bags

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