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06 September 2017

The benefits of activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is a powerhouse ingredient touted for its purifying and absorption properties making it a perfect ingredient for natural skin and body care. It is a highly absorbent and porous substance commonly made from wood, peat, bamboo, and coconut materials. Regularly used in hospitals for poison control, when ingested it binds to chemicals and toxins in the body and flushes them out. The activated charcoal made for ingesting is commonly made from coconut. To produce activated charcoal, the substance is heated to high temperatures and treated with oxygen to produce highly absorbent pores in the substance. When used for oral care, the activated charcoal absorbs the stains, bacteria and toxins on your teeth, and restores the pH balance in your mouth. Take a look at the various ways you can use charcoal in your daily routine to naturally cleanse and purify your skin, hair and body.

Filter water

Most tap water contains numerous toxins and chemicals. To avoid ingesting these on a daily basis, add a charcoal stick to filter, alkalise and mineralise your water. The porous properties of the sticks absorb the toxins leaving you with fresh filtered drinking water.

Whiten teeth

Activated charcoal powder can be used to whiten teeth and promote good oral health. Its absorption properties draw out oils and stains from the teeth commonly caused by coffee, tea, spices, wine and berries. It also helps to balance the pH levels in your mouth, which prevents bad breath, gum disease and cavities. Use activated charcoal powder, toothpaste and a toothbrush to deeply cleans and remove toxins from your mouth.

Absorb odours

You can use activated charcoal in your homemade deodorant recipes. When combined with other highly absorbent ingredients such as bentonite clay and bi-carb soda, it helps to absorb odour, moisture and toxins.

Cleanse skin and hair

Cleanse your skin and unclog pores with a homemade activated charcoal facemask, soap or hair treatment. It will draw out any impurities in your skin or hair, leaving it feeling soft and clean.

Detox the body

The purifying and absorption properties of activated charcoal make it a great ingredient to help detox your body. It will absorb toxins inside your body and will help with all-over body health.

Relieve bloating and gas discomfort

Activated charcoal can be taken to relieve bloating and gas discomfort. When ingested, the ingredient absorbs internal gas that promotes bloating. You can purchase activated charcoal capsules for this purpose.

Author & Editor

Tracey Bailey is the founder of Biome Eco Stores and mother of two. After working in corporate communications and starting a family, she made a choice to be part of the solution to our planet's future and started Biome Eco Stores. Tracey is passionate about educating the community about living eco-friendly and sustainable lives through her extended product, chemical, health and environmental knowledge.


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