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23 July 2019

How to get rid of insects naturally

The number of chemical pest control options have increase rapidly over the years due to their efficacy in deterring insects. But most of the synthetic chemicals used these pest control products are extremely harmful to humans and other animals. Natural pest control can be just as effective, if not more, at repelling insects in and around your home. Here are four natural household insect repellents that are safe to use in your home.

Peppermint oil
Peppermint oil is a great alternative to the mainstream harsh chemical and plastic laden pest control options. The major chemical compounds found in peppermint oil include terpene, alcohol and menthol. Each one is a natural fumigant through smell. Insect's and rodent's smell receptors pick up on the compounds and are repelled effectively.

How to use: Apply at least 5 drops of peppermint oil to each cotton ball and place in various locations around the house. This will repel insects and rodents. Place the oil in areas where rodents get inside your home such as small cracks in the wall, doorways and windowsills. It’s important for them to detect the smell before entry. It masks the pheromone trail of rodent excreta that then attracts other rodents and shows them the ‘pathways’ in your home. Refresh the cotton balls at least once a month.

Huon Pine
Huon Pine has been used in Tasmania as a pest deterrent for more than 150 years, so it’s safe to say it works! Huon Pine has a scent that naturally repels insects, like silverfish, moths, fleas and mites. Although it won’t kill pests or solve any infestations, it will stop them nesting in the area. This makes it great for the wardrobe and kitchen cupboard.  You can also protect your pet from itchy bites with Huon Pine as it naturally repels fleas. Sprinkle some inside the cover of your animal’s bed or with fresh hay when cleaning a cage. 

Burning sandalwood replaces the need to burn citronella candles made from paraffin and toxic mosquito coils which contain a combination of chemicals including various pyrethroids. When burnt mosquito coils release numerous suspected and known human carcinogens including aldehyde, formaldehyde, small particles and several benzene derivatives. Some coils can contain Octachlorodipropylether (S-2) which expose humans to bis-chloromethyl ether (BCME), an extremely intoxicating lung carcinogen.

Sandalwood is  an effective natural repellent and provides a safe alternative to mosquito coils. Essential oils such as lemon eucalyptus, geranium, soybean, citronella, fennel, thyme, clove oil, celery extract, neem oil and picaridin are also effective at repelling mosquitos.  

Red cedar
Red cedar blocks are an effective moth deterrent and a safe alternative to chemical moth balls. The pleasant natural cedar aroma will deter moths without harmful chemicals

Author & Editor

Tracey Bailey is the founder of Biome Eco Stores and mother of two. After working in corporate communications and starting a family, she made a choice to be part of the solution to our planet's future and started Biome Eco Stores. Tracey is passionate about educating the community about living eco-friendly and sustainable lives through her extended product, chemical, health and environmental knowledge.


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