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09 September 2009

Mineral makeup and natural skin care favourites

We recently held an event at our Biome city store to introduce our customers to the new natural and mineral makeup ranges: MUSQ mineral makeup and Sante natural cosmetics.

Our experienced makeover person, Hayley, shares these 12 favourites.  All great for those who want natural, safe cosmetics that look as good and last as well (or better) than conventional make-up.  

1. Musq mineral powder foundation
After seeing how well this foundation evens skin-tone and lifts and brightens the eye area, I'm hooked. So many people ask for low effort foundation, and this is so easy to apply (just brush a little over your face and neck, layer for more coverage as required). This powder is also great if you prefer a cream or liquid foundation (such as our MUSQ cream foundation) as these need setting so they last the day.  For those worried about a powdery look, consider our next favourite...

2. Bod rose hydrosol toner
By spritzing this nourishing spray over your entire face after applying your powder make-up (including blush and eye shadow, but before mascara), you'll end up with a wonderfully dewy, natural look.  This certified organic damask rose hydrosol is such a treat.

3. Olieve vanilla lip balm
The first step in your make-up routine should be to put on some lip balm (this one is packed with olive oil and tastes amazing). This will give the lip balm a chance to work it's magic while you are applying foundation etc, then blot off and apply lipstick. Your lips will be smoother and your lipstick will look the better for it.

4. Sante eye shadow pencils
For easy, even eye makeup even in those bleary-eyed morning applications with a foggy bathroom mirror these are it. They are easy to blend and gentle on your eyelids. For a more intense finish top with Sante eyeshadow trios in complimentary colours.

5. Musq mineral eyeliner
So soft on your delicate eye area, but with intense colour. No barely-there, scratchy pencil with this eyeliner around. To make this pencil long-lasting on the inner rim of your eye, use our EcoTools bamboo angled eyeliner brush with a matching eyeshadow and dab it over with the flat of the brush.

6. Sante rouge blush
Great natural colours, and what's more looks flawless on. Simple as that!

7. EcoTools bamboo makeup brush set
A good all-round makeup brushes set. The blush brush doubles as a great mineral powder applicator (as it is denser than the EcoTools powder brush so more economical with your mineral make up). The concealer brush is also great for applying or blending cream eyeshadow like our Sante eyeshadow pencil sticks.

8. Musq mascara
For defined lashes with no nasties, this is an excellent choice. Apply to tips, allow to dry and then apply to whole length of lashes. Available in black and brown.

9. Sante lip contour and gloss lip duo
Customers loved the colours, and I loved the easy application. Just sharpen with Sante's sharpener, apply the liner all over lips (and leave at that for long-lasting matt colour) and top with matching gloss at the other end.

10. Sante dipliner liquid eye liners
So long lasting for a liquid liner. If you like a little retro flick, always apply from the outer of the lid to the inner for more control and you'll get them even. I love the sparkling brown dipliner (No. 1), it is such a contemporary yet unusual shade.

11. Sante cover/concealer sticks
In the last range, these were a favourite, and now come in 4 shades. Apply a little just over the little dark patches of your inner under eye (if you go to close to the outer eye it may gather in creases and you generally never need it near smile lines for dark circles anyway).

12. Tinderbox Fennel and Yarrow cleanser
At the end of the day (or night!) take it all off with this effective, yet uber-natural cleanser from WA company Tinderbox. You'll be impressed at how fast it works on mascara and eyeliner.

Author & Editor

Tracey Bailey is the founder of Biome Eco Stores and mother of two. After working in corporate communications and starting a family, she made a choice to be part of the solution to our planet's future and started Biome Eco Stores. Tracey is passionate about educating the community about living eco-friendly and sustainable lives through her extended product, chemical, health and environmental knowledge.


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