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30 March 2010

Eco Easter holiday & sticky chocolate news

Going on an Eco Easter adventure?  Don't forget to...

Switch off the hot water system before going away - you could be wasting energy and money keeping water hot when you're not there.

Service your car before a long trip and check your tyre pressure. A tuned up car improves fuel efficiency by up to 30% and will save you petrol money. 

Take your reusable shopping bags on the grocery supplies trip.

Recycle bottles, cans, cardboard and plastic packaging.  Please call your local Council to check which types of plastic packaging they will accept - many will accept the firm plastic that easter eggs are packaged in.

Encourage kids at home to switch off their game consoles, DVD player, TV and stereo at the wall when not in use.

Purchase Easter gifts with the least amount of packaging and choose certified Free Trade and organic chocolate and easter eggs.


What to take?

Eco friendly picnic, catering and entertaining supplies, reusable water bottlestainless steel cup set, BPA-free lunch boxes for storing food.

Petrochemical free natural sunscreen, environment-safe shampoo and soap (especially camping in National Parks).

Natural mosquito repellant and New Mountain sandalwood mosquito diffuser, flies off food nets.

Sticky chocolate issues

Will Nestle ever reclaim its Facebook page from palm oil protestors  Is this the most successful social-media influence campaign ever...?

Treehugger reports on the wasteful excess of Easter Egg packaging and improvements to eliminate plastic boxes.  Easter Candy Insanity...

Australian Fair Trade Easter 2010 Campaign website.  Learn more about the issues and the choices you can make.

Author & Editor

Tracey Bailey is the founder of Biome Eco Stores and mother of two. After working in corporate communications and starting a family, she made a choice to be part of the solution to our planet's future and started Biome Eco Stores. Tracey is passionate about educating the community about living eco-friendly and sustainable lives through her extended product, chemical, health and environmental knowledge.


Shawna Coronado said...

Thanks for the great tips!
Plan on being away most of Easter.
Blessings to you and yours.

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